Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Mom

I was supposed to fly to Florida today to visit my Mom. She decided to fly home instead. At 5:35 a.m. her spirit sailed out her body where it had been entombed and navigated home to be with my Dad. For two weeks I have been begging him to come for her.  They were greatly in love for 60 years, in truth, most of my Mom died with my Dad in 2005.  Loves like that are rare and I have faith that he scooped her up from the ethers with Godspeed right away. I am imagining how, enraptured with new love, they are getting reacquainted with on onother, my Dad valiant, tall and handsome with his sleek, thick black hair, my Mom radiant with her post-war pageboyed hair done up in a perfect roll.

I was not her favorite child, my talents didn't lie within her realm of understanding. I wonder if, in her newfound wise vision, she sees me for who I am.  I loved her and her unique talents. She taught herself to paint later in life and her home was filled with memories of the places whe had visited with my Dad. Hawaii, the mountains of the western United States and the lush woods of upstate New York where I was born are all immortalized in oils as well as seascapes and lighthouses.  She was a draftsman for Bendix Aviation and has a patent for th navigational grips on the Black Hawk Helicopters. A replica of that grip sits on the nightstand in the room in which ,until this morning ,she lived out her final years.
 Why it was fated that she died on the very morning I was to go and be with her I will never know but I imagine that her real desire was to be with the love of her life again and she just couldn't wait.

Love is eternal and great loves transcend even the infinite. Goodbye for now.